Kristina Bell DiTullo

Deplete 1 Video

This video piece was created to communicate the affect of a traumatic incident through a sparse visual that both invites curiosity and empathy. Trauma is an unanticipated moment in time that permanently alters an individual. The individual who has suffered long-term, repeated trauma constricts, again and again, until the individual’s systems are greatly compromised.

Through the medium of video this piece is a conceptual re-creation of the moment when trauma occurs causing the psychological constriction that manifests in the aftermath of traumatic experiences. To build this re-creation I use familiar objects that are associated with playfulness, celebration, fear, wounds, protection and healing. These associations engage the viewer with a sense familiarity and then surprise with their rapid transformation. The balloon, which serves as a metaphor for the person, is able to gradually un-constrict up to a point, but will never be the same. This remaining visual gives meaning to what often goes unrecognized or is hidden away in our society.