Kristina Bell DiTullo

Zero Installation

Zero is an installation that centers around our culture's obsession with the number zero. The installation is a visual dialogue with the public on the topics of body image, the media and marketing in our culture, from size 0 jeans to 0 calories.

The installation consists of three major components.The perimeter of the gallery floor is lined with 10 digital bathroom scales that are stepped on by visitors. All the scales are reprogrammed to read 0.0 lbs regardless of the weight of the participant. The other objects in the installation are 12 pairs of jeans from a single manufacturer ranging in size from 0 to 20. The original size labels are replaced with professionally produced clothing labels that all read "0, MADE IN USA". The jeans are displayed on a freestanding, horizontal rack in the center of the gallery. Each pair of jeans is placed on a pant hanger and hung in ascending size order on the rack with the size labels easily seen. The final material is a wallpaper pattern of various nutrition labels that have been altered to show all numerical values as "0". This wallpaper is affixed to all of the gallery walls.